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“Israelis interested in contemporary anti-Semitism will have a chance to meet David Hirsh at a series of events in Haifa, Jerusalem, Netanya and Tel Aviv between November 5-8. On the evening of November 8, The Times of Israel will host Hirsh for a screening of the documentary “Whitewashed” that examines the efforts to ignore and downplay anti-Semitism in the British Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. (Ticket info for this event at the end of this post.)”

Whitewashed and Labour’s response

Judith Ornstein is UK based and a passionate supporter of the arts, who combats the cultural boycott of Israel.

Deselected anti-semite welcomed to Labour conference

Whitewashed screening


Jewish voice for Labour

An interesting web site

What was it like being a Jew at the Labour Party Conference?

On the Backbencher web site

The return of Scott Nelson

I'll be back!

JVL Don't Represent Jewish Labour Members: Unite and Other Unions Must Not Legitimise Them

Labour antisemitism on Twitter

Thanks to GnasherJew for this.


We are delighted to announce three dates for Whitewashed showings:
Wednesday 15th November Hartsbourne Country Club, Bushey Heath, Herts
Thursday 7th December, Glasgow, as guests of Glasgow Friends of Israel
Monday 25th December, Limmud, Birmingham
To those of you who took part in this project , we would be delighted if you would join us. Please pm me if you think you can make it.
If you haven’t watched the film as part of the audience then you haven’t witnessed the electric discussion it generates. Why not join us and have your say, even if it’s just hallo!

Home Secretary announces new online hate crime hub

To tackle racism.

But there's no information on how to contact this hub.

Why does Labour allow anti-Semitism? asks ANN WIDDECOMBE

Why does Labour allow anti-Semitism? asks ANN WIDDECOMBE

The Phony Peace Between the Labour Party and Jews

Antisemite hosted exhibition stall inside Labour conference.

Tapash Abu Shaim was manning the Palestine Solidarity Campaign desk.

If you speak to some people, you discover there are some interesting views around.

- the Tel Aviv destroyed the Twin Towers.
- ISIS is run by Mossad
- the Charlie hebdo massacre was done by Mossad
- lizards inserted genetic material into ancient jews
- today's jews aren't descendents of the ancient Israelis
- jews control the banking system
- jews control the mass media

What, you thought antisemitism was just about not liking jews?

For example, “ISIS = International Solidarity for Israeli Sentiment”.
Or "ISIS = Israel Special Intelligence Service"

Read the full article here

Call on Unite union leader to apologise for dismissing antisemitism in Labour Party

You can email Len  McCluskey.

Baroness Chakrabarti condemns Labour members who deny antisemitism in party

She says,  the rule change is good. The people who opposed the rule change are bad.

Why does Israel-bashing arouse unique passions in the Labour Party?

An essay by Ivor Gaber.

Corbyn should denounce antisemitism

The chair of the Jewish Leadership Council wants Corbyn to denounce the "pernicious antisemitism that pervades the party".

Imaginary Jewish friends

Are there Good Jews and Bad Jews? An essay by Daniel Allington.

Guilty of racial abuse

Jeremy Corbyn-backed group's activists 'hounded' Jewish business owner